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Is it hard to balance on the Hobie Mirage Eclipse?

No. Not at all. The Hobie Mirage Eclipse boards are 12 feet long (3.66 m) and 35 inches wide (0.89 m). The average width of a SUP is 30 inches making them a little harder to balance. The Eclipse board also has a 5 inch height profile and it can support up to 275 lbs (125 kg).

How hard is it to learn to ride on the Hobie Mirage Eclipse?

It will take 5 minutes to learn how to use the Hobie Mirage Eclipse. We make sure every customer knows how to use the equipment and enjoy their time on the water. 1 - Step up - we show you how to get on and off the board 2 - Start stepping - the step action is easy and natural 3 - Make your turns - we will show you how easy it is to turn left and right 4 - Small wakes, no problem - we show you how to cut through small waves 5 - Make a safe landing - we show you how to pedal in shallow waters as you approach your landing

How fast can I go on the Hobie Mirage Eclipse?

Very fast. You can run a few sprints and get up to 5 knots. You can keep a nice strong pace and average 2.5 knots. You can relax and still and average 1.5 knots. Either way, because you are using the strength of your legs, glutes and core muscles you will be able to explore more of the harbor and water front because you will be able to travel faster than a sit in kayak or a SUP.

Do you get a good workout on the Hobie Mirage Eclipse?

Yes. It is great excercise. The Hobie Mirage Eclipse will burn an average of 500 calories an hour. You will get your heart rate up. You will strenghten all leg muscles, glute muscles and core muscles. Balancing on the water (although very easy on the Eclipse board) will keep you focused and present in the moment.

Is it relaxing to ride the Hobie Mirage Eclipse?

You will be able to answer this question as soon as we launch you on your first ride. The Hobie Mirage Eclipse cuts through the water effortlessly. Stress will just dissolve as you watch the water cut across the nose of the board. Birds will fly past you. Fish will swim beneath you. You may even have a sea lion pop up and say hello. Explore the water front and connect with nature. Yes it is very relaxing.

How does the Hobie Mirage Eclipse work?

The pedals you step on drive fins underneath the board. The fins move back and forth to propel you and the board forward. There are left and right turn controls on the handle bars. The handles have a cable connected to the rear rudder. There is no reverse. There are no brakes. Don't worry. You won't need them. After 5 minutes, you will be able to navigate the board. After 60 minutes, you will be a pro.

Can kids rent a Hobie Mirage Eclipse?

Kids are welcome. If they are tall enough to see over the handle bars and their arms are long enough to reach both the handles at the same time, then they will be able to drive the Eclipse board. They just need to be accompanied by an adult while they are on the board. Kids that are just riding along are also welcome. There is a roomy padded deck to the rear of the board.

Do you sell these boards for Hobie?

No. We are not a Hobie distributor. These boards are great products. If you are interested in purchasing one we can help you find a distributor.

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