Rent a Hobie Mirage Eclipse

We are the only water sports rental company in Southern California specializing in the Hobie Mirage Eclipse.

  • Easier than traditional paddle boarding

  • Can be enjoyed all year round by all ages

  • Why pedal? Go further, go faster!




Burn Calories

Improve Balance

Reduce Stress


The Hobie Mirage pedal board burns 100s of calories an hour. Your entire body is engaged in the activity. Just step right on and start pedaling.

Our pedal boards are wider and more stable than the standard paddle boards. You will go from beginner to expert in less than an hour.

Relax. Find your center. Effortlessly pedal. Carve through the water. Every session dissolves stress and improves mental health.

Explore your favorite locations in an entirely new way. Surround yourself with nature. Travel faster and farther than traditional rentals. 

Eclipse Water Sports is a mobile business 

We bring our fleet to various launch sites up and down the coast all year long. Southern California has so many beautiful spots to visit and explore. Whether you live here or you are visiting, one of the best ways to experience SoCal is to surround yourself with amazing views of the coastline and our harbors.

  • Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall - we are open all year long 

  • Visiting CA? Enhance your vacation with this totally unique California experience

  • Live in CA? Explore your home state. Create memories with your friends and family

Come visit us and try it out. We guarantee you will have a wonderful time. 

The Hobie Mirage Eclipse makes it so simple to just step off the shore and onto the water. 

Eclipse Water Sports

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